East Coast Greenway


The East Coast Greenway is a trail system that is nearly 3,000 miles long, and stretches from Florida to Canada. We will be using the Greenway to bring the Dragon Wagons to Central Connecticut State University for the ASME HPVC 2010 on a combination of traffic-free paths, bike-friendly roads, and a train.

Neighborhood Bike Works


Neighborhood Bike Works Neighborhood Bike Works is a nonprofit educational organization in West Philadelphia that seeks to increase opportunities for urban youth through bicycling, and which promotes cycling as an environmentally-friendly means of transportation. Neighborhood Bike Works has been present at many of the events the Dragon Wagons have participated in, including Bike to Work day 2008 and the ASME HPVC 2009.

CTY Material

Useful links:

  • The ASME HPV event Link to the ASME HPV competition that we will be hosting in Philadelphia this year.
  • The Human Car - This is a human electric hybrid that uses a full-body rowing motion instead of pedals to generate even more power!
  • The Go One - The one-passenger vehicle we talked about during the presentation. Steven Mosca was the dealer I had mentioned.


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