Captain Transmission

Front derailleur

  • Redesign front jackshaft mounts
    • Ground clearance
    • Derailleur mounts to it
    • Light
    • Replace with 2 same-sized cogs (smaller==lighter)
  • Purchase derailleurs ( Bike Church )

Repair middle derailleur

  • Mount right-side-up
  • Modify to remove lateral movement / mass

Make sure chain is functional ( there are frozen links)

Stoker Transmission

  • Derailleur is bent — Replace?
  • In-line skate wheel's self tapped screws are stripped. Bolt on.
  • Future == Eliminate skate wheels if possibe

Electric Drive Train

  • Remount motor and shafts
  • Mount new controller
  • Rewire
  • Test motor.

Mass reduction

As of 22 June 2009, the total mass is 151.4 lbs ( 68.68 kg )

  • Cut down booms (ideal length?)
  • Replace booms with lighter material
  • FEA Backbone
    • Best way to reduce mass?


  • Retighten seats
  • Replace damaged brake cable
Week Task Status
1 Learn ProE, familiarize self with model, Redesign Front Jackshaft Started ProE, redesign complete
2 Captain and Stoker Transmission Determining best way to do sprocket mounts on front jackshaft
3 Electrical work, Mechanical testing Connectors purchased from Mouser for electronics. Still working on jackshaft
4 Mounting electronics, testing
5 General maintenence
6 FEA analysis
7 FEA analysis
8 Mass reduction
9 Mass reduction
10 Testing and maintenence
11 Testing and maintenence
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