Vehicle Status

All listing is current as of Saturday, 3 May 2008

To do list

Task Leader Status
Frame construction Wigdahl complete
Jackshaft design Canzanese complete
Rear fork design Brown, Wigdahl complete
Motor gear reduction Canzanese, Palermo, Porcelli Still need to finalize spacing.
Battery selection Krulik, Porcelli complete
Motor controller housing Palermo still need to seal it
Electrical wiring Porcelli need to re-wire throttle
Wheels Kim complete
Brakes Kolb complete
Mount for front derailleur Vu, Wigdahl tools purchased to remove bottom brackets. ready to weld!
Chain routing design Canzanese complete
Mounting idlers, etc Canzanese, Wigdahl. complete
Seat design Wigdahl complete
Seat material selection Arias complete
Rollover protection Wigdahl Complete.
ASME application and rule compliance Shwarz complete
Front suspension design Brown complete
Wheel mounting Brown, Kolb one axle was damaged in competition. needs to be rebuilt.
Shell mold Palermo complete
Zotefoam Palermo complete
Fundraising all Project is over budget. Fundraising through Dragon Wagons must begin immediately in the spring. We will need someone to be the motivator to ensure that everyone is doing their fair share of the work
Shifters Canzanese complete
Steering Wigdahl failed during competition. needs to be re-designed and rebuilt
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