Videos Of Proposed Courses For Asme Hpvc East 2009

This is the most up to date version of the proposed Utility course 8 March 2009

Utility Course

Utility Course Pictures


The following videos were shot by R. Canzanese and B. Layton 4 March 2009.

Utility Course Pass 2

Pass 2 of the utility course had some strange parallel routes, never actually crossed itself, and was 910 meters in length. A map of pass 2 can be found here .

Old Utility Course

Endurance Course

Brad Layton narrates the endurance course. New video.

The following videos were shot by R. Canzanese on 1 March 2009.

Sprint Course

Sprint course and return route (sidewalk) shown.

Utility Course

Proposed utility course was short (0.75 km). This shows the course with the option of entering into the horseshoe in front of the Mann center and 52nd Street. Final course is still undecided.

Old Utility Course Video

Endurance Course

Proposed endurance course. The loop is 1.9 km.

Old Endurance Course Video

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